This group buy is working directly through the manufacturer SKYSKI.
Ask for Jake. His email address is 1-888-SKY-SKI1

MSRP is $650 (they are thinking of raising it to $699)
10+ participants $585
20+ participants $525
Trick Release Clevis $30 ea. (at time of purchase, normally $40)

Deal ends on July 31st.
Plus shipping, Tax in CA, They accept all major CC, PayPal is possible, but not preferred.

They never discount this product and they manufacture it ALL in house.

I have wanted some type of safety system for my ropes ever since I read this earlier thread a few years ago.
I WARN YOU DO NOT READ THIS THREAD IF YOU GET SQUEAMISH AT ALL!!!! The image and story have never left my mind.

Since then I have heard numerous stories of how ropes/handles can become so dangerous. One was how a boat ran over the rope, in the water, and started spooling up the loose rope. As it pulled tight it coiled around a passengers hand and they ended up loosing their hand. I product like this may not eliminate risk but will definitely reduce it IMO.

1. TeamAllen