Ok this one will be much shorter...

I've taken your advice and put coozies on the end of my support poles, then lay them down. Then my board racks rest on the tower when I lay it down.

Only prob is I can't put my cover on that way.

I've been folding them up now, which holds the tower up enough to put the cover on, but there's a lot more contact between parts, as the supports now rest on the lower part of the tower, then board racks rest on the supports.

Side note, who the heck designed this bimini top to not fold with the tower? Unless you push in the little button clip and it's supposed to telescope in...mine came pre-bent, won't telescope.

Side note 2 LOL! SC forgot to install one of my snap fittings on my boat I think! One on the driver side is missing (no hole, never been there). There's a button for it on the cover, but no base on the boat! The passenger side has it? Odd.