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    Default wraps?

    has anyone thought about doing a wrap on there boat?..some may not know what they are but its a big vinyl sticker for the boat..i have been thinking about getting one but due to money and not really finding a nice clean design.
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    In process of doing the design work now. Just started screwing around but it's looking like more of a possibility. My black is looking less appealing by the week.
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    I like the idea but would rather maintain gelcoat than vinyl.

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    I think it's a nice way to change the appearance of a boat that you have had for a while. I played around with wrapping the supra.

    downsides are the cost, it only lasts 5years or so, and imo, you really need to pull it off to sell the boat. potential buyers could assume you are covering up a lot of potential problems.
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    Just bought my 03 outback and so far I love it. Wraps is what I do for a living. They do protect the gel quite a bit from scruff and scratches for every day use. They will also keep the gel like new so when you sell it and remove it is like new. You can do many cool designs with the right designer. Try to stay away from majority white as it tends to stain a little. Gloss is easy to keep clean. You wash and wax as you would the gel coat. The matte makes colors pop more but a little more upkeep. Not as easy to clean due to slight texture. As for durability should last quite a while above the 5 year mark simply because it is not in UV constantly like vehicles. If you have any further question feel free to ask. Also keep in mind here depending on size we get 2500-3500 for a wrap. Make sure who you deal with is a good company. Look at their work and talk to some of their clients you don't want cut marks on your boat when you remove the wrap!!!

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