I know most of you guys down south have been complaining about Drought and lack of water etc. We up here in the Far North have been complaining about the winter that would not go away. Well now we have new problems. Here in Calgary Alberta and a few surrounding towns are being Absolutely FLOODED.

We have had ,freeky rain for the last couple weeks ,but ,in the last couple days the amounts have changed 10 fold. Most of this rain is/ was just up against the mountains and now is flooding back down all the major and minor creeks in the area. This is even before the Snow melt ,has even started.

Up to 100 thousand people had to be evacuuated from there homes , A small town (Highriver) is in Totall evacuation and nearby towns and citys are on standby.

We are two weeks away from Calgary Stampede,which next to NFR is the second biggest /highest paying rodeo in the two countries.The Stampede grounds which border our downtown belt line is under up to 10 ft of water. The Scotia Saddledome eour NHL Calgary Flames play, has water in the bowl up to nearly row 14.The Downtown core which borders A Major and a controlled minor river. Was in total evacuation ,yesterday sending Thousands that work or live downtown to LEAVE. Underpasses and train tunnels are full or completely submerged.

There has been nonstop media footage ,showing some spectacular sites and some of the devastation,including Fire dept jetboats running up and down streets etc helping people get out. Extra police have been sent in from Edmonton another Alberta city, and 1500 Canadian Army(Mostly Engineers) have come to help evaluate and help fix ,or repair....

I have grown up here all my life, and we have had a couple other big floods but Nothing close to this.

I would post pics ,but there is so much on the Web and youtube etc that its easier to see some of this this way.

On top of all this sadly my boat has YET to be used this season as the weather and commitments etc have prevented me using my boat, This was gonna be a ski weekend ....SADLY NOT. And no i would destroy my boat if i tryed running around town,so don't go there please.