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I'm done with the design of the gates. I wasn't able to get it to work with the surf side retracted. I will be removing the surf side gate when switching sides. still it only takes about a minute to do compared to moving bags and there isn't any lean, all bags are hidden and I decrease the weight by about about 1200 lbs. it's a no brainer.
Did you post pics up somewhere of your wake with and without the gate? I'd definitely be interested in doing it, but now that I have the weight I want in my boat I can't really imagine needing to make the wave better. I like my wake steep, does your gate cause the shape to change, or same shape just longer due to converging further back?

I plumbed in my 1100 yesterday with a $0.76 sprinkler system 3/4 splicer and 3ft of braided vinyl hose. Nate and I are trading bags, I shipped his out today, so I'll have a 650 on the right side now. Both splicers and the hose was $11 at Lowes. So cost for me to upgrade my ballast was $200 for the 1100 sac, $11 for plumbing materials, and $37 in shipping to send my stock bags to Nate (did 2 day to make sure he had them by the weekend). So $248 got me a sweet surf wake and an bigger wakeboard wake than before, and all plumbed in as I wanted; I think I did pretty good! I'm sure the 650 on the right will make an acceptable wake for any of my friends that ride goofy...honestly don't think I've had somebody surf goofy on my boat in 2 or 3 years.

Does anybody really glue in your fittings like they came from the factory? I've never needed to, or even thought of, gluing them in, but I also never had them plumbed in before on my Supra.