My question is has anybody ever plumbed in an auxiliary bag to your factory G3 system? I see a lot of people going to bigger bags, but I couldn't find info on somebody adding in a plumbed bag.

Here's my thought. I like the wake for wakeboarding just fine with the stock weight. For surfing I fill up a 350 pounder that's kind of halfway under the seats and halfway in the rear locker (I don't want to cut out the cooler). What I was thinking is adding another bag to the left locker, and putting in two y valves in front of the bags, both for fill pump and empty pump. This way I could fill up stock ballast for wakeboarding, and then when it's time to surf I could just fill up the auxiliary bag by turning the valve and flipping the left ballast switch. Same thing to empty, I could empty one or the other individually, or both.

When I surf, I leave the right empty and fill up my stock bag and that aux 350 bag on the left. It's a pretty good surf wake as is. I was thinking if I add another bag on the left, I could also fill up the right and the boat will still list enough while adding the most weight possible in the back. Maybe at that point I'd also just throw the 350 in the front or something, probably wouldn't need it in back anymore.

Or I could just upgrade to bigger rear bags, like the 750 pounders. That's probably way easier lol.