First time poster, but have been following these forums for a while. We have a 1 year old LSV with 60 hours on it, that we got winterized and stored by the dealer where we bought the boat. We put it on the water for the first time two weeks ago for the summer and just drove it to the lift and kept it there till today. Today we checked the oil and all the fittings and everything checked out normal so we took the boat out.

After a normal warm up and quick run we stopped to get our first wake boarder in the water for the summer. We did a couple of runs and as we went to pick up the user white smoke was coming out of the three vent holes on the back of the boat. Smoke was also coming out of the cup holders and by the driverís seat. The smoke had a very powerful smell, like burnt rubber. When I opened the cover of the engine, after a couple of seconds, we heard a couple of pops. The check engine light never came on and the temperature gauge showed normal during the runs. After the pops and all the smoke started to appear I turned the key to power up the guages to see if they showed anything. The check engine light was illuminated also, the temperature gauge was pegged all the way to the right.

So the main point of the post, I am just trying to see what you all think went wrong, so I can go into the dealer educated.

Thank you