Hey, as some of you already know I just bought bigr82's 06 Mobius LSV. Met him in Indiana at Geist Res late last night for the transfer. It all went great, I'm extremely pleased with the boat! Ryan was awesome to deal with, and his wife was really cool too (cause she told him to give me his wakeboard rope, and I needed a new one lol!). 12 hours of driving and lot of money, but it's all going to be worth it!

Anyways, I got home at 6am this morning and just took it straight to my lake's launch. I drove it around, and it was wonderful. Much more quiet and smooth than my 2000 Supra Launch I had. Perfect Pass is a Godsend too!

The only issue I have found so far is that the front bag won't fill or empty. The switch works the valve because after the back bags were full I just turned on all the fill switches and the front filled up. It will not actuate the pump though when I only use the front switch, fill or empty. Not a big deal to fix immediately because I always left a sack full in the ski locker of my Supra all season. I'd rather have it stuck full than stuck empty. However, my hoist is a shore station 3000lb cap, but it can hold 4000lb (I talked to an engineer at the manufacturer, the only difference is gear ratio to make it easier to lift). The boat is 3250 dry, so with a full tank of gas and that front bag full I'm pushing the limit.

Can anybody give me any tips for the first things to check to try and fix this issue?

Here's a pic I snapped a few minutes ago and one from like 1am this morning stopping on the way home...we're getting the kids ready right now and heading out to have my first wakeboard session behind it! I'm so stoked!

mobius 4.jpg
mobius 1.jpg