so two months ago i bought a harpoon off a fellow member, and i just got all my parts in for the system a few weeks ago. had everything hooked up and the harpoon wasnt working, i told mike about it and i also let brian know. then it worked once and i thought i was good to go, then it stopped working again. when brian asked me who i bought it from they looked it up and come to find out, the person i bought it from had to send it back for warranty work but never did, and instead sold it to me. so brian told me to send it back and he will replace it,good deal, then a few days before i was going to send it out we hand a heavy rain and i had my ZLD on the floor waiting to be installed, well the next morning i try to get some of the water off my cover andshe collapsed and all the water rushed to the front and sunk the zld. i pulled it out as fast as i could and dried it off the best i could and after a few days it didnt work, so brian said to send that back as well. so i sent it off and now i have new amp and ZLD coming. i couldnt be any happier with the help brian and mike gave me through all this..i have to say i almost died watching my zld almost get washed away haha