Okay, so I am trying to get back in to slalom skiing more this year and I am trying to ease into it. I saw where one of the pro skiers (Marcus Brown I think) occasionally will free ski off the tower with a long wakeboard line for a change of pace and for fun. So I did it a couple of times just to get back in the feeling this year.

Yesterday, I decided that I was comfortable enough to get a little more serious, so I was going to ski from the pylon with my slalom line. Five tried and couldn't get up. Damn, okay hooked it to the tower, still couldn't get up. Weird. Okay, swap for wakeboard line hooked to tower, popped right up and skied. WTF? (Side note: I have had trouble getting up in the past with the slalom rope on pylon, just thought it was technique.)

Do slalom lines wear out? It is a decent Straightline 8 section slalom line, so its not a crappy line, but it is pushing 8 years old. I am guessing it has something to do with the stretch in the rope? Any thoughts or ideas?