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    Default Sad day for my tower speakers

    Quote Originally Posted by MLA View Post
    I am truly happy to hear that you have had 2.5 years of trouble free use out of your audio equipment. This is what we expect and deserve. Unfortunately, not all Exile customers have had the same experience. I wish you continued success.

    To the contrary, I am not a big shop. I am a one man operation but I can assure you with out a doubt, that your assumption on the amount of product I move is WAY off.

    You and others may not like to read what I post, but its honest, direct and to the point. Im far from PC and will not apologize for it. I'm a straight shooter here as well as with a customer that im face to face with. The OP asked if anyone had seen this problem and I answered. Sadly, more then once.


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    Starting to feel like WW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmvotto View Post
    Starting to feel like WW.
    at least its only happens every once in awhile vrs every thread like on ww, and it usually starts here (audio) and involves the same peeps
    Hey, Its Moomba time

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    hey guys ....thanks for the replys....but i really didint want this thread to become a bash session....i like the exile stuff..i think its good. i more posed the question "has this happened to anyone else " as a general look.

    Oh and the unit is stored inside and they sit sraight up and down so in a natural position. this is why i was wondering if covering or sealing over the winter would be any better.

    @brianinpdx - thx i will let you know what happens, can be touch and go somtimes up here.
    @mmandley - thanks for the help.
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