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Not to complicate things, but . . . what's the difference between PerfectPass and ZeroOff. My Moomba didn't have any speed control, not even the Moomba cruise and not the PerfectPass. I now have Zero Off. It is great, uses GPS to hold the speed to the .1 Is Perfect Pass by paddle wheel and that might be better in conditions with current, or is there some other difference? I'm just wondering if you are buying new which system might you want?
Perfect Pass is just a more well known name brand. Perfect Pass "Stargazer" is their GPS system, which is pretty much mainstream at this point and I believe they're phazing out the paddlewheel systems. Zero Off is only GPS I believe, I don't even think they make (or made?) a paddlewheel system. Hydrophase also makes "Ridesteady" which is a paddlewheel only system (and I think geared towards wakeboarding marketing), and it comes in at a value price of around $800 I believe. Any of them would be fine.

I have PP Wakeboard Pro as I stated, and I've used Stargazer plenty of times. Excellent systems no matter what you get. There's a website, ski-it-again.com, that you can sometimes find used systems on. Otherwise, pony up the $800-$1500, and no matter what you won't regret it.