I have a dilemma that I need some help with.
Boat is a 2007 Mobius LSV. Love the boat, bought it new. I used to have an awesome boat captain, then I divorced her a couple of years ago. Now I can't get a good pull to save my life. I seriously haven't had someone pull me as well as her in the 2 years we have been divorced.
A good friend of mine has no issues driving and is on the boat with us 90% of the time. He's great to have around and a ton of help, not the best at pulling someone though and he won't use the factory Moomba Cruise. In fact, I can't get anyone to understand how to use it correctly.

I want to teach my new girlfriend how to drive, but she's a bit nervous to actually pull someone. It's at the point now where I'm getting frustrated because I can't enjoy my time on the board. I won't even jump the wake anymore because I'm scared the driver will adjust the speed. I was trying to surf yesterday and just stopped because he was all over the place with the speed. He's making too big of adjustments. He was all over the place trying to get the wave to clean up for me and it was a mess. We swap places and I drive, perfect wave. I've got a new surf board that I haven't even been able to toss the rope on because of this.

So I'm at the point of getting a Perfect Pass to help this out. I think with this, it will be easier for people drive the boat and give me a consistent pull since the factory cruise seems to be difficult for the majority. It's a bit frustrating for me, because I always use the cruise and never had an issue understanding it. That's why I'm hesitant to drop $1200 on a perfect pass.

What are your thoughts?