f someone enters my house while me and my family is there without permission I will assume they are there with mal intent and they will be dealt with accordingly. They should've thought about the consequences of their actions before attempting to break into my house. If there was a real fear of severe/deadly consequences for committing violent crimes there would be less crimes. You know you would most likely or there is a great possibility of dying if you jump out in front of a truck or jump into a shark tank or tiger cage (bad examples I know but you get the point) so you don't do these things. If criminals actually believed they would face severe penalties or consequences for committing violent crimes they would t do it. 3 hots and a cot, recreation, cable TV, etc psssh please! All for FREE...you and I pay for that and what do those worthless individuals do for us?? NOTHING! Our Justice system is a joke we are becoming too much a nation of tolerance and acceptance and we are weaker for it...bust into my house or threaten me and or my family and I'm going to end you...period[/rant]