So after 3 WONDERFUL days on 2 different lakes Memorial Day Weekend, we crashed in bed monday night... At 4 am my wife (5 mo. pregnant) gets up and I hear a blood curdling, extremely panicked yell "There's somebody out there!!!"

Turns out she'd thought she heard a vehicle in the driveway and got up to look, since it was nice out and the windows were open, and the moment she peered thru the blinds she saw a guy dressed in black head to toe a few feet from our bedroom window walking towards the back of the house. Scary part is that her scream/yelling didn't even seem to bother him. These guys even had the balls to drive down 400' of driveway right up in front of my van and attached garage!!!

So, I naturally fly outta bed to the window and start yelling at them to get outta here. I never saw the guy (or 2?) walking cuz when she yelled the person in the truck flipped on the headlights (which grabbed my attention) and proceeded to turn around. Again, the driver wasnt in a hurry either. Didn't drive over my bushes or haul butt, just casually did a 3 point turn to turn around and drove off. VERY crazy and un-nerving. Not sure if the guy on foot hopped in the back when he was turning around? I saw that it was an early 90's Chevy that was blue and silver with a loud exhaust. not knowing where the guy on foot was, I proceeded to my closet to try to find my shotgun, which didn't even have a barrel installed on it. Somewhere during this time, I wiped something across my left eye and scratched 40% of my cornea Cops showed up 1 hour later (since we ran them off they said we weren't a priority and that we should let them break into whatever they're going to do and call them and tell them burglary in progress...Whatever...) Said there was nothing they could do even if the guys were still there since no crime was committed. I had sat on the back porch with the shotgun til the police got there.

Well, my wife's STILL freaked out today, and doesn't sleep much at night still. That Tuesday night I came home with a nice, new Ruger 38 special and ammo, and Wed. night with a nice lightly used CZ75B 9mm (looks new). Yesterday we picked up a family dog, a 9 mo. old housetrained German Shepherd/Lab mix. Pretty white dog that loves all the kids. Everyone in the house 5+ years old has shot both guns, and all 12+ are familiar with where they are and how to use them.

Oh yes, so a couple days after it happens, some guys (characters) part a red 2-door Mitsubishi in the neighbors driveway mid-day and stop in and ask my wife if they can cut the grass. No mowing equipment, wearing sweatpants. No, she didn't open the door for them, just cracked a window. After she told them "no" they proceeded to ask questions about lawn equipemnt and stuff, to which she told them none of their business and please leave. They took off quickly and she was unable to get a plate number.

Of course, I had to go out of town for a few days for work. One night she said she heard an engine running again and thought she saw lights in the kitchen, and when she got up there was a vehicle leaving the neighbor's driveway, but there's no turn-around in their driveway.

In talking with many neighbors, this silver truck has been run off from other houses on our road (we're not really in a neighborhood so to speak) and been seen casing a neighborhood nearby.

Welcome to my very hectic, sleepless life as of late...