Finally got the Supra on the water yesterday. I was explaining the differences to the wife and let her know about a new light to pay attention too. As we were on a plane, the wife asked why is that light flashing. The blood drained out of my head, and I almost passed out. Sure enough I hit about 1400 rpm and the light goes off. Continuing to accelerate the light starts to flash on. So I limped back to the dock and got the boat back on the trailer.

When I water tested the boat last year that light stayed off. I knew about it and to check. So I don't think there's any major issue at this point.

I figured I would document my issue here and what the fix will eventually be.

1. When I took the boat for a water test last year it was on glass.
2. When I took the boat for a water test yesterday there were whitecaps. The boat was bouncing all over the place. I wanted to get it out just to see if there were any obvious issues before really getting into summer. Good thing.
3. I did check all the fluid levels last fall and they were all fine. Didn't check anything yesterday. Lesson learned.
4. Never checked the fluid after trailering. It started raining and really got miserable.
5. I cleaned out the bottom of the hull last week and did notice there was a oily film on it. Maybe a leak on the v drive unit. Found a bunch of threads on leaky v drives.

I did a bunch of reading when I woke up at 4 this morning. Can't figure why I woke up this early.

1. Where is a good place to order the pressure drop switch sensor? The boat's an hour and a half from home and for 30 or 40 bucks, cheap enough, I'll buy one. Could be this.
2. Straight non detergent 30 weight is what's required based on what I've read.

I'll let you folks know what I find. Anything I might have missed?

Hopefully it's something minor, and I'll be able to start using the boat next weekend.