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    Quote Originally Posted by newty View Post
    Not a "trans slave cylinder" its a solenoid/relay that when you turn the key it sends power to the slave cylinder and in turn sends power to the starter. Boat shop said its a commonly replaced part.
    Mounted to the trans bell housing.
    Dat interesting right thar..Back in the 90s, we called them thar Fords Starter solinoids and they were mounted on the fender, and when you wanted to bump the engine with out using the key you would short the contacts with a screwdriver.

    Also it was a high fail part in the car and made easy money at the Dealership for no start no crank issues. I replaced a ton and broke a few myself LOL
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    Yes, they are still called solenoids. Ford did like to put them on the fender, but Chevies have had them on the starter for a long time.
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    I can't tell you how many times I've started a Ford with one of those with a tire iron. Once at O'Hare airport. Picked somebody up and went out to parking and dead solenoid. One time a buddy borrowed his brother's truck and called me from a campground. Got him going over the phone the same way. Still can't believe they kept the same system for about 20 years on those cars and trucks.
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    Interesting. Thanks for the photos. I will file that in my brain file, and one day when my boat won't start, I will make sure to check that.
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