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    Default 2012 GIII ballast percentage full / empty

    The percentage full /empty for the ballast in the digital cruise pro is troublesome (i dont think this is news to anyone here)
    Today my center bag emptied completely, yet the display was showing 97%.
    Next time I fill this bag I will have to toogle the switch on and off every thirty seconds to fill the bag up. Does anyone know how to reset these numbers?
    Shutting the main power off doesnt work.
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    Default 2012 GIII ballast percentage full / empty

    Good question. I sometimes have the same problem. I'm curious also.
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    You cant reset the number but you can go to the timers and change the timer TIME to 1 minute, this when you click the switch on it should goto 0 in that same minute.

    I agree with the timer system, its one of the new features i really hate, i honestly would rather have to be concerned with burning up impellers then dealing with the timers.

    I have since set my timers to 20 minutes, and i dont worry so much about the % anymore. As long as im paying attention to draining there wont be any issues.

    The factory hard tank how ever should be set to 5 minutes apx
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    here is a good How to video from WM
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    On the 2012 & 2013 boats, if the gauge reads 0% with a full bag you will just need to cycle the switch on and off until the bag gets down to empty. I know it’s a pain but it’s the only way.

    If the gauge reads 100% with an empty bag, you can use Mike's trick or trip the breaker to the rear PDM. This is located in the engine compartment mounted on the port side wall. You can then turn the switch to empty and the gauge will run down but the pumps will not run.

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    I have a 2010 and the % always shows 0, whether full or empty. Does anyone know how to get it to work? In addition to that, the temp always shows the air temp. I thought it was supposed to be the water temp?
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