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Ryan Bingham is where it's at for us as the sun starts to set and we all start getting into chill mode, then the LEDs come on and we really crank some of his older stuff! (Texas Country)
Also, when back home in AR we grew up in the bars front row at the Lucero concerts so that's always a crowd favorite!
When the ole lady and her friends come out its definitely the up beat hip hop (drake, lil Wayne, macklemore, BoB, Rihanna)
Here's a screen shot of my playlist names... On the border you gotta have your Reggaton (Pitbull, Daddy Yankee), Mashups are always fun and "Choir Practice" is all 80s and classic rock that ERRBODY knows and loves to sing along too... Hence the name Choir Practice!
When we want to jam some Texas Country we usually turn to Casey Donahew Band, Josh Abbott Band, Kevin Fowler, Randy Roger Band, JB and the Moonshine Band, ect.... Stuff a little more upbeat than ole Ryan. I like Ryan Bingham but I am still having a hard time visualizing a scenario where he fits in on the boat. Maybe yall get WAYYYY more chill than we do haha.