Hey guys new to the thread and trying to figure out the best set up for my boat. I have been reading a lot of good info from the previous threads but had a little more specific question I couldn't find the answer to and I didn't want to hijack a thread.

My wife and I are new to wakesurfing and trying to get the right weight in the boat. We like to go out by ourselves a lot and get ALL the runs haha. We have an 08 lsv and currently have a 565 in the surf side and 400 in the ski locker. I just purchased a 750 for surf side locker so that will leave me with an extra stock 400 and the 565. With just running the 565 we could hit the sweet spot but it was difficult to stay in it and could really on stay with it when more people were in the boat. My question is when my 750 comes in what should I do with the other bags? Can I just put the 565 on top of the center and call it good? My concern is I don't know if its ok to have more weight in the center of the boat than that back locker. Really want to get into surfing and appreciate the advice!