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Life has gotten in the way so I was just able to catch back up. I just got their large map in the mail and was able to check those spots out. Thanks for that great info, I am sure I will have some questions later after I look at thing but it looks like a really awesome lake and huge lake.

But what Clamcakes said is exactly what has me nervous. Just reading about that makes my stomach knot up. Was the rock bar in near shoreline/islands or just a hump out of the blue? The map shows a lot of 40+' depths I so want to try and be overly cautious. The group I am going with is probably past the age to do much purposeful wake-boarding so we primarily surf now but do always appreciate smooth water.
Mattyg, Where did you get the map at? There is also an app for the iphone called Lakes South by Navionics that shows Lake Ouachita and depths and underwater objects.