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Thread: Ballast leak

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    Locker is the rear then? I can't believe how much storage is in my boat. Thanks for the wakemakers recommendation, already received my shipping notification. Now if I can only find the pump. Will there be 1 or 3 pumps for my ballast?

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    3 pumps in 2009 OBV (put your boat year & model in your signature so folks can help easier).

    Should be in the port, rear locker. On my '12 Mojo, there is a small "L" bracket screwed into the floor. Take out the screws and pull on the bottom of the panel. There are two Z brackets on the backside of the panel that hold the top of the panel tight to the fiberglass.

    Someone with an 09 OBV may be able to guide you better than I have.

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