So this offseason i swapped the stock 400s out for 750s, plug and play. The boat is kept in a heated garage over the winter and the ballast system had been emptied of all water although no antifreeze was pumped in. So after the first 3 trips out this year ive noticed a considerable amount of water(saturated carpet) along the port side rear locker wall about 3/4 way up the floor towards the bow roughly 4in wide aith the rear of the floor completely saturated mostly under the false wall. At first i thought it was maybe just the fill/vent fittings were slightly loose so i went ahead and threw some PVC cement on these to no avail. As far as an actual bag leak ive yet to find one, however i get no water in the starboard locker so i may switch bags and assess this way. Finally, i pulled the false wall off and ran the system and found a steady leak at the area noted in the pictures. It actually leaks out of the top of the hose at the fitting/hose junction. I was unable to get the leak to stop simply by moving/tightening the screw clamps. The system only leaks when filling and it would seem unlikely to me that I could get this much water from the 8 or so minutes it takes to fill the system.

Just looking for any ideas as to other possible leaks and ideas as to how to fix.IMG_20130530_190320_289.jpgIMG_20130530_190309_075.jpg