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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    Whenever you use gas, oil diesel, etc. and get it on you start with a good dish soap that is designed to attract grease. Wash a couple times with something like the green palmolive or dawn and then use your regular soap. It does help a lot.
    LAVA soap is your best friend for this. I've worked on enough farm equipment and been covered in enough oil products to supply Exxon for a day. LAVA always gets it off and diesel smell is a thing of the past.
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    Mike if you are really in a bind use wd40 it will act like a starting fluid but it's not dry. I have used it in a bind once. Oh and modern day starting fluid is way too weak. Stupid government.

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    My little brother used to use lacquer thinner in his copper colored Nova. That ole straight six would run on anything. Don't ask me why he had lacquer thinner but no gas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post

    WOW, now i stink of diesel fuel but my rig is running.
    I don't see the issue here... just think of it as a reminder of making the correct choice of tow vehicle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aerolland View Post
    I don't see the issue here... just think of it as a reminder of making the correct choice of tow vehicle!
    Ohh i wasnt really complaining, the Mrs did when she came home, but then again after working on the truck all day and drinking a couple beers, i was glad she was leaving me alone LOL
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