They warn you not to ever, ever, ever ever ever run a diesel out of fuel....

Well they don't warn you when changing fuel filters on a 6.4 that this very thing can happen.

I replaced the filters in my 6.0 all the time no issues.
I replaced the frame rail filter in my 6.4 last spring no issue.

Today after changing the oil, i replaced both the frame and engine filter.

Here came my nightmare.

I bleed the low pressure line like it said, but evidently i didn't do it well enough.

I started the truck and everything was fine for 5 seconds. Then it stalled. No start.

I spent the next 2 hours bleeding low pressure line, high pressure lines, return lines, filter housing, every dam thing.

Finally got the truck to fire up for 10 seconds and it stalled Gawd ******

Rebleed it all again, started truck up and it was missing, hobbling along at idle, so i punched the skinny pedal, reved her up a few times and she settled down to a nice diesel purr. Let her run for about 10 minutes then shut her off.

WOW, now i stink of diesel fuel but my rig is running. At least now i know if im every Dumb enough to let her run out of fuel i can fix it.

Just wanted to share my afternoon LOL