Tried this awhile back with no luck but thought I'd try again. I know this is a long shot but the dealer wasn't any help except to tell me to possibly get on here to find something. I'm hoping that I can find someone interested in switching trailers. I have a single axle trailer and want a tandem. I contacted boatmate and found it is not practical to change it due to I would have to change both axles due to the axle rating. So I'm trying to see if there is someone who keeps there boat on a lift or doesn't tow far that might be interested in switching trailer. My single axle trailer and possibly cash for a tandem axle trailer. I just want the little bit of extra piece of mind when it comes to me towing my boat from Indiana down to Mississippi and Texas. That is a long ways to go on a single axle. Also contacted a local trailer place about putting axles under mine and that wasn't much luck either.