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    Default First Generation Outback Wake dialed in


    I have been messing with my wake off and on since I got my boat back in 2005, and I finally feel like I have the wakeboard wake dialed in. I am running about 1300-1400 pounds in it, mostly hidden. I am still running the stock sized prop (13x13) since I still ski, however, I am running a 4-blade in lieu of the factory 3-blade. I have attached a diagram of where I put my sacs since it is easier that trying to describe it. I am riding at around 70 feet back, and the wake has tons of pop and is quite big (for a DD).

    The only problem with the wake is that the trough is not clean. I realize that the Outback hull design, being a ski boat, is shaped to aerate the water flowing under it to make a soft wake, and this is what makes the trough ripples. It is weird for the lake to be glass smooth, yet the trough it not, but it is what it is.
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