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    Quote Originally Posted by smorris7 View Post
    Money sent. Any feedback on instalation would be great. I can see and feel the cutouts behind the vinyl. What is the best way to cut the vinyl. Did they factory prewire the bow?
    I think it might have been Ian but im not postive. Did an install on his friends LSV perhaps and did a front speaker addidition.

    The hardest part is cutting the fabric so you can fold it back and make it look clean when you add the speakers. No i dont think the facotry adds the wires, but thats the easy part honestly.

    The cut outs should be there, the factory isnt going to use two different panels such as that for speaker and no speaker options. They would only do the additional fabric cut out and mounting the speaker per the option.

    Found the thread, post 35 I'd pm Ian Ashton see what his thoughts are.
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