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Thread: Added IBS

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadjitsu1 View Post
    I hear ya I really hate messing around with the pumps and having bags laying all over the place in the boat. Ilike everything to be open so people can walk around. I do have the IBS which fills to about 500 im sure and another 400 in the locker.

    I was thinking about adding some lead or something up front under the seats just in front of the sub, and the same place on the other side. Is there anyone that has lead or some form of permanent weight in the front of the boat. I know the negatives on that, I am thinking about adding another 300-400 that would be like having 2 more adults in the front.

    I still want the wake big just not so abrupt at the top.
    I don't have any lead but i have thought about buying like 2 25 lb bags to fine tune side to side weight in my boat. any one have an idea how much that would run?

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    can you send me the link to the info about installing the ibs
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    My setup is very similar to what Drew did in this post:

    Mines a little different, but Drew took lots of pictures and made nice drawings. I just put it in.
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    Default Re: Added IBS

    Filling the center and the IBS worked great today.. Thanks for the info..

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    Default Re: Added IBS

    Quote Originally Posted by rdlangston13 View Post
    3500???? Plus the hard tank too? That's like 4000 lbs! Thats insane yo!

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    This isnt my boat but my buddys 04 wakesetter. They alllllllll sack their boat out like this. Every single sac YOU CAN SEE is a 750. Theres 600s in each ski locker and ibs under mah butt. You do the math! This picture really doesnt do it justice but the prop wash is seriously 8 feet tall.
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