sooo my buddy needed to go to autozone to pick up some fluid for his 2000 camaro z28.. so as we were leaving i saw the new 2013 camaros SS's at a dealers lot, so i pulled in and hopped out to look at this orange SS that was priced at 40g..i tried the doors to see if they were my buddy was looking at the white camaro next to it and noticed it was unlocked and opened the when i went to go sit in it and prove to him im to tall for one i noticed a key fob sitting in the cup buddy grabs it and tries to stick it into the ignition, no dice haha, so i look at the tag ad it was for the orange camaro next to he hit the unlock button and the car lights up..we walk over to it and sit in and he starts this 40,000$ camaro up and im looking at this nice indash and im playing with the volume knob to see how she sounds..all of a sudden my buddy tells me to take a video of i grab my phone and we make a small video of how we found the keys and i show the indash and i step out and we do an exhaust part..then i tell my buddy "what if this is one of those "bate car" shows where they leave the keys in the car so they can get you for stealing a car" so after we made the video we lock the car up and walk over to the mechanics bay area and drop the key in the key drop box..after all this i call my buddy whos a sheriff and tell him the story and if hes on duty to stop by and make sure no other cars are open..he laughs and told me i should have parked it infront of there doors but all joking a side he said he will stop by and double check was that a nice car...if you guys want ill post it on youtube on a random name and throw the video up for yall