So, I bought a couple amps and Infinity tower speakers off another member on here last year, and finally got around to installing them, along with the 2nd battery and ACR. I didn't bother with the switch as I don't feel it is necessary with the ACR for my set-up/usage.

My problem is that I get the alternator whine through my cabin speakers now, which are connected thru the used Infinity amp that I bought. Didn't check TOO closely, but I didn't notice it from my tower speakers (thru my old Kenwood amp). ALL power wires for the whole stereo system come off the 2nd battery, except the remote turn-on for the head unit, which is off the dash rocker switch. Any ideas? Bad amp? Noise filter?

NO, it doesn't look perfect, but it is outta site and outta mind. And the tower speakers are mounted like they are because they dont' fit under my bimini...but they work.DSC07350.jpgDSC07352.jpgDSC07355.jpgDSC07358.jpgDSC07359.jpg