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    Default Used boat candy today

    image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgWell did the group buy on boat candy, got the polished and vinyl sprays. Today i tried my hand at this for the first tome and got one side of my boat done. As you can see I had a very heavy water line there on the bottom and oxidation all over. Now I had the crystal cut which is their least abrasive so I had to do some wet sanding on the heavy waterline and a couple other spots, other than that the crystal cut was perfect. I will probably order the next strongest just to have it. I also bought the harbor freight dual action polisher and some honey comb pads from chemical bothers. No complaints about any of the products would recommend everything that I used today. Hopefully get to the other side Tom and hit the water Monday. Pretty chili here in Ohio this weekend so perfect time for this kind of stuff.
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