Picking up my Mojo next Friday!! It's optioned pretty well, but (of course) I have to personalize a bit. For starters, I'm peeling off the BlurFX graphics, and putting on the plain "Moomba" chrome. It had tower speakers, but I had them take those off.... I'm replacing them with WetSounds. Also, the fixed racks are getting switched to swivel. All of those changes are worked into the sale.

Ok... Next... I'll order 3D chrome registration numbers, and while I'm at it, I'm going to get a matching 3D transom sticker, and also 3d versions of the "Mojo 2.5" stickers.

Not much for light on that thing... I'm thinking drink holder rings and some Led strips up under the drink holder compartments on the side.

I think I'm a little sick in the head.... should be fun, though! I'll update with pictures as I progress.