Soooo, I have a new project boat that I going to install a complete new stereo.

What I am thinking of is;

  • Reuse my 12” JL Audio W6 sub in it’s existing sealed box and build it in the helm support (possible ported) after the season is over.
  • Reuse my Pro Mariner 20 on-board charger

Head Unit:
  • Kenwood KMR-700U Head Unit
  • Kenwood KCA-RC55MR wired remote
  • Sirius adapter

Tower Speakers;
  • Two sets (4 total) Wet Sounds Icon8s
  • Black
  • Fixed Clamp
  • LED Ring – RGB
  • Translucent Grills

  • Three sets (6 total) Wet Sounds XS-650-RGB
  • LED Rings-RGB

  • Wet Sounds WS-420sq zone control
  • (1)LED controller – The new one that plugs in-line with the LFE RCA (Is that all I need?)

  • Towers – Kicker KXM400.2 Should I go to the KXM400.4? I cant find the specs on these new Kicker marine amps. Will the KXM400.4 give me more power at the towers? (Phil?? Mike?? Anyone??)
  • Inboats and Sub – Kicker KXM800.5 (The W6 is wired for a 2 ohm load)