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Thread: Goodbye to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmvotto View Post
    For Jr. I am trying to figure out how I can mount the Jonny jumper to the v2 tower while surfing... I remember someone on here did that.
    Todd, 11OutbackV, did this. Saw it first hand a few times & it worked great!
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    Default Goodbye to all!

    Quote Originally Posted by rdlangston13 View Post
    Whats funny about all this is everyone I talk to at work who does not share a boating lifestyle hassles me about how I will have to sell the boat once Heidi and I decided to have kids. They just don't get it, boating is a GREAT family activity, a way for the whole family to get together and everyone have fun, if anything, when you have kids is the time you should be buying a boat. Not selling.
    I'm with ya. One of the main reasons I sold my 82 stars & stripes MC and bought the OBV new in 08 is because I was getting married and planning to start a family. My then fiancÚ and now wife since oct 08 were drawn to the playpen style seating arrangement of a v-drive. Out son is 17 months and loves the boat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bergermaister View Post
    My kids will be borrowing the boat from Dad in the next 10 years or less - count on it - until they get their own.
    One thing I've never let my daughter do was to borrow the boat. If my boat goes to the shop and I lose time on the water it is because of me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skylar18 View Post
    Well I sold the boat today...
    Was it worth it? Absolutly! The family time and memories have been priceless.

    Good luck to all and Good Bye!
    I could not agree more! Priceless. You nailed that one on the head.

    I grew up waterskiing the Nor Cal Delta, when the bad azz jets with Basset OTs , mini-daycruisers and Sanger V-drives (that didn't have a wakeboard tower on em) ruled the waterways, used inner tubes from trucks (not Overtons) and after getting tired trying to dip elbows, went to a "Skurfer" then we would bring out the knee boards. My dad would pick me up from my mother's house and we would ski the weekends away and all summer on various Nor Cal lakes.

    I bought my first boat when I was 17, and have lost count since then. Started a family late, built a business, houses, and always had some kind of boat all through my young adulthood, stupid twenty's (I did some DUMB things!!) thirtys, bought and built my fastest boat (a whipplecharged 502 21' Schiada) in my 40s and sold it in '03 as my boys were old enough to start skiing and that was no family boat. Bought my first and only new boat in '03 - A wakeboard Team Edition Natique - had to sell when my business took the '08 dump and picked up the Barbie boat, a 96 Ski Sanger, two seasons later picked up the '02 Moomba put over a hundred hours on it last season. Then I ran across an '08 Tige RZ4 and its sitting in the driveway waiting for the new stereo and ballast.

    What have all these boats and years have in common -- Family and Friends!!!
    Good luck Skylar, and I don't know how you can stay away from the goofyness on this forum

    BTW - I know what you mean by the pool, we just had our new pool pebbletecked (sp?) and what a PIA!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by EricU View Post
    I could not agree more! Priceless. You nailed that one on the head.

    Good luck Skylar, and I don't know how you can stay away from the goofyness on this forum

    BTW - I know what you mean by the pool, we just had our new pool pebbletecked (sp?) and what a PIA!!!
    I probably can't stay away....I've been on this forum 5 times since I said good bye! I remember how I got on this forum. I had started on the Supra Forum and we had our own little Texas Oklahoma private group with Dusty, KG, Jet and several others....we all kind of morphed over here as the Supra forum at the time seem to be mostly about restoring old boats....The people and topics here were much more relevant to what I needed. I wanted to talk about speakers, not stringers! Though there was not nearly the drama over there as over here for awhile!!!!

    The buyer picked up the boat yesterday...My wife and daughter were going to drive down to the marina to say good bye to the boat (pretty weird I know, but it was like part of the family) and halfway there they turned around, they couldn't do it. I actually had to leave before they put the boat on the buyers trailer.

    I would love if my pool was at the point of having the pebbletech put in. It has taken over 2 weeks to run the gas lines, at most a 2 day job. They promised me the pool would be finished by May 31st. At this rate they will not get it done by the end of June!
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