Well I sold the boat today. A lot of tears in my house last night when we realized this was really going to happen. Having a boat for 10 years and my Sunsport for the last six has been a big part of our lives.

We have an electronic picture frame that scrolls through about a thousand pictures and it seems like 75% of them are with us on the lake. Seeing how little our kids were when they were learning to ski, wakeboard and surf and now as my younger one just got her drivers license and my older son going off to college makes my wife and I pretty emotional.

My wife and I figured out how much money we spent on our 2 boats, marina storage, gas, food, maintenance, every upgrade imaginable (Man a good sound system is expensive), wakeboards, wakesurf boards, ropes, etc and our per month cost was astronomical.

Was it worth it? Absolutly! The family time and memories have been priceless. Both my kids were in select soccer and volleyball, and I am glad that we balanced our time so our only memories of our kids were from the sidelines of a sporting event watching them play something. That was also rewarding but I can remember very few moments from all of those games. However, I think I remember every outing out on the lake, and we were out there a ton.

Though I haven't been too active lately I still come on here every day to read what is going on. Thanks to all of have provided advice and friendship over the years.

Good luck to all and Good Bye!