Surfing this weekend first time this year so keeping good eye on everything fairly close. about 2 hours in all my gauges start flashing, voltage drops to 11.5 so I shut off immediately turn around too steam coming out of engine hatch. At this point pretty worried and start throwing kids out of the boat. Sit for a few minutes to try and evaluate if this thing is going to catch fire or are we going to fight another day. slowly lift hatch to see what was going on and notice it is just steam coming off of engine. The plastic fitting that screws into the exhaust riser had blown off. inspecting the fitting about 1/2 of the threads had melted inside of the riser, Luckily I was able to get enough of the fitting back in to keep the water flowing to limp back in with no issues. So I go to the dealer today to get a replacement and talking with them he mentioned is it the side you mainly surf on and sure enough it is he said it is happening more and more. The newer boats are now using brass fittings because of this. they were out of the brass but will be converting soon but for $6 each I bought 3 of them to keep extras on the boat. Worth the security!!