Brought the boat home from storage Thursday. Didn't notice any drag, but after a few miles, on a hunch, checked tire/rim temp. One was quite warm. Pulsed the brakes to see if that would release it. But jacked it up at home (another 10 miles) and very sticky; took effort to rotate the wheel.

I checked Boatmate manuals online, and there is no specific periodic maintenance for calipers. Being in and out of the water twice a weekend when boat is used, I guess after 5 years these things can seize up.

Dealer ordered in a caliper. I don't like the $449.00 bill to replace it, but I guess these must be specialized?

Anyhow, I don't need any input, just a suggestion to stop after a few miles if you do haul it (I only haul mine twice/year) and check rim temp.

Thus killed the May long weekend...(and a mighty whack to the wallet).