Aight guys, have a few quick questions but let me give you the low down first...

The 08 LSV I just picked up last month came with a "workable" system... just no REAL towers! Everything is Kicker Components, with 700.5 powering cabins and a 10" sub and a 300 powering some basic kicker speakers in the Roswell Cans.

At first I started researching which HLCDs I could just swap out the Kickers for, but most everything I found required some cutting or mod'ing to make them fit the Cans so I've decided to just sell the Roswell cans with the Kicker speakers w/tweeters and just buy some HLCDs!

Also, I already picked up a Krypt EQ from jmvotto (Thanks Joe) and still waiting on Rgargipee to send me his K700.5 to replace my 300 to push the new towers... I know this isn't the best set up, but it was a good deal that I can make work! (Thanks Robby)

I already sent Brian a message through the forum to see what he has, but in the mean time I have a couple questions...

1) If I were to go with the XM7s will I have any problems mounting them with my Z5 Cargo rack or do they fit just fine?
2) If I sell the Roswell Cans with the Kicker speakers and tweeters with the 300amp (maybe 250.2?), what should I list them for?