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    Default Great Tips of the week/month.

    This thread is for sharing your wisdom and helping others. Lets have your best service tips. Thanks to all who contribute to the best boating forum on the net.

    I'll start it off. Look at this impeller. It appears fine but it is actually junk and must be replaced.

    When you check an impeller insert a tool or tools into the center bushing.

    If the bushing turns inside the rubber, replace the impeller immediately. Happy boating!

    Addendum from another thread-- some good advice:

    If you happen to have another impeller kicking around you may want to try comparing the two.. You may find this one is longer, or deeper than the other. I found one like this , and it caused a squealing noise from basically rubbing on the front cover withe the brass screws..Not sure what caused this in mine as it was a impeller i had used the previous season and packed in Vaseline... As per Moomba instructions.. I do not do that anymore.. Maybe this will help.
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