I was busy dewinterizing my boat yesterday and while running the boat with Fake a lake set up i noticed a tiny drip coming from the top edge of one of the muflers.It comes out at the very top edge near the end where it appears that two parts are either welded or seamed together.

I carefully scraped a little section away at this point to have a carefull look because it appears as though its really a metal/likely alluminum muffler wrapped in fibreglass. Is this correct? I have some heat activated PRIMER and PVC cement that i use for work so dabbed a tiny bit on hoping it will work/seal and should cure moreso once muffler get hot.

Anyone have some input on this? Worse case is i will keep a close watch on this as i can't get out till next weekend , Maybe a new Muffler is in store. Any idea of costs? and or how hard they are to get out and replace?