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    Default Performance Boat Candy - group buy

    Here is a unique opportunity to try some new boat care product at a huge discount. You may have seen this discussed over on WakeWorld, and the 20% discount that was offered to that forum. For current MOOMBA FORUM MEMBERS ONLY, the vendor has agreed to increase the discount to 30% if we have 20 or more orders. Please post in this thread if you are interested in buying. If we get to 20 we'll get the big discount. Worst case you've got the 20% WW discount to fall back on.

    FYI, the most popular product is Speed Gloss:

    1. brain_rinse
    2. ian ashton
    3. tarheelskier
    4. BGeorge01
    5. wolfeman131
    6. Riding23
    7. rca
    8. moombacraze
    9. sgoyal
    10. beat taco
    11. mmandley
    12. kojack
    13. treverspence
    14. BWeber
    15. bbuhtz
    16. New Guy
    17. bergermaister
    18. Salyers
    19. jjerrod
    20. viking
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