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    So finally found an 08 Outback V and bought it and we're pumped to try it out, we're officially part of the Moomba family. I think it'll be a good fit for what we want to do but we'll find out for sure this summer. I have a ton of questions, mostly simple things about driving a vdrive boat. I come from a river boating background and am used to bouncing off rocks and sandbars and we just drive those aluminum hulls right up onto the beach weather it's sand, rocks or whatever and doesn't hurt them.

    About how much water does a person need to be in while idling, to safely not hit the prop or fins on the bottom?

    Also curious as to weather it's the norm to drive the boat on and off the trailer? or manully push it on and off? The clearance from the bottom of the prop to the prop guard on the trailer looks really tight. Sorry for the goofy/newbie questions, just don't want to wreck her the first time out because of lack of knowledge.

    I'll post pics as soon as I can figure out how to do it.
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