I have a 99 outback and the gauges and wiring are giving me fits.

First, whats the purpose of the circuit board that attaches to the switches? Mine seems a little loose at times and I have to hit the dash or squeeze the board to get the switched accessory to work or the light on the switches to work. Couldn't I just wire the lights, bilge pump, and blower directly through the switches and eliminate the loose panel ? (I would have to add a fuse block and ground bar)

Second, has anyone eliminated the mdc-1600 controller and just added new gauges?

This boat has been a trouble free workhorse with the exception of the gauges and wires. I'm on my 3rd controller (I even take it out in the winter) and I'm tired of the switches not working right. I would think a little rewiring and some analog gauges would eliminate these problems.