I dont know to much about the specific differences in the boats. But more of a rule of thumb, Mastercraft will have more "bling" to it such as stiching on the seats, pieces of trim in aluminum or stainless steel, more/different electronics. Moomba is to a chevy as Mastercraft is a cadillac. For some people its a status symbol too.

Indmar manufactures alot of engines for different makes. I believe they are mostly the same with the exception of a different tune or intake, to make slightly more or less hp. Each boat brand gives it their own name, such as Monsoon, Assault, MCX.

I think you will notice there is a big difference in a 20' boat vs 23'. XLV is also 8" wider. Might be something to consider if you have garage limitations. But there is also never enough room on a boat, once you load it with people and their stuff along with the boat gear. Just some food for thought.