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    Default Help with a new board

    Great choice! For this application bigger is definitely better. The weight difference will be minimal. It won't hurt ability to spin since most people learning to spin over do it and spin past where they want to go. Most have to be taught how to stop their spin. You will ride higher on water therefore faster and looser. The bigger board will provide more pop and softer landings.

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    Default Help with a new board

    Makes me want a bigger board haha. In 6ft about 190 and I cruise a 139

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    CWB Marius is a great board and if you got the $ a DB9 is very light!!

    I've ridden the Marius shape for a long time and love it. The newest shape "11-"13 is loose to Me and it has nice soft landings.

    Faction/DB9 shape is stickier and to Me slower then the Marius but also lands soft.

    The Marius is like a sports car and the Faction is like a Caddy in my opinion......

    The Vibe is a flex board with long shallow adjustable fins and its featureless on bottom. I use it at the cable

    Unless you land tail heavy flex boards seem to land harsh to Me!!!!!

    Good Luck with your choice
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    Well I just ordered a LF Witness 140... thanks for all the help guys!! Now I just hope summer shows up soon in Minnesota so I dont have to wait too long to try it out... there's some 70s in the forecast for next week so I've got my fingers crossed
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