can't stand another month in the rental I chose. bad area of town(if there is such a thing in a town of 2300), prior owner had cats that are driving us crazy from allergies and hating not building any equity, so got the realtor search on. had a whopping 5 choices right now in my price range and only other requirement was a 3car garage. 2 were out as garage wasn't deep enough and one was sold so had 3. went to open house on one on sunday, house had been on the market 5 days. there were 20 people in the house within 15 minutes so schedules a private showing on tuesday. went to look at one other and ended up putting an offer in on the first one. was accepted last night. closing end of may. it's a solid house, no kids/pets, was an older couple that did a lot of work including brand new flooring everywhere last year(6year old house-go figure) and paid $20k less than they did brand new. not a steal, but a good value..
excited to move. landlord will be pissed, but such is life, and it was a month to month lease..
biggest thing, garage has floor drain, 11ft ceilings and 9ft doors on both sides. stoked about that..