I am working on adding LED run way lights to Bestia. My idea was to have yellow in the front to the just behind the fenders, then it switches to red. This way its legal on the highway and would light the trailer up and also work as evening docking lights.

I got everything done and was ready to hook it up when i discovered the voltage on my trailer is 7.5V not 12 as i would expect.

I checked at several light locations and they are all 7.5

I have all LED lights on my trailer, i checked my truck and its putting out 12.5 to the hitch harness, and then in tongue when it changes from the 7 pin harness to the trailer harness its drops to 7.5. I don't see anything that can cause this drop.

With only 7.5V my lights don't work as intended. Kinda stumped what direction to go now.