Not sure how many of you have tried to change the oil in this new motor or whatever but I'd love to give the man who decided the oil filter should be on there at 1000 ft lbs a good old fashioned bare butt over the knee spanking. First off all I wish they would put the oil filter back on the remote mounting location that it was in my 05. You have to remove just about everything from the starboard side locker to get to the filter and ultimately I ended up unscrewig the big fold down door and totally removing it.

First I tried a strap wrench. And I have a beefy one. It fits a 1/2" ratchet and the strap is made from seat belt material. No luck. So I call the dealer and they tell me to poke a tiny hole in it because it may be vapor locked. That doesn't work. So at this point I'm getting all the extensions out for my ratchet so that I can reallllllly get down with some serious torque. Well I end up squeezing the filter so hard that it collapses the filter. And as a small note normally I would just pound a screwdriver completely through the filter and out he other side to get some good leverage, but that's not possible here due to space constraints. Do yourself a favor and get a filter wrench. Not the kind that slides over the end of the filter but the kind that look like giant channel locks with teeth.