Forgive me if this has been talked about and posted before but I am on my phone.

Do any of you know what the specs need to be of a garage to be able to fit a Supra 21v in with the swim step off? I'm also assuming I'd have to lower my tower too.

Reason I am asking is that the wife and I (as some of you may know from my other post) are moving to SC and in our search for a new home we're coming across all of these communities that have HOA's and there's covenants and deed restrictions for parking of boats and RVs. So that poses a problem for us. I'm just curious about the specs needed to fit my 21v in the garage.

Realistically I'd like to have a house with some property and be able to build a pole barn for my toys but that would put us a little further out (longer commute to work and lake). We found one home with 3 acres that is definitely appealing. Store the boat, have a quad or gator, be able to shoot my firearms, etc.

What size garages are yours if you fit a boat in it similar size to ours?